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Top things to do and see in Laos

1. Kuang Si Waterfalls

Kuang Si Waterfalls are the most beautiful natural attraction in Laos. The waterfalls are created by the vibrant blue waters of the mountain the falls flowing down to the pools below, then joining the jungle river. The landscape surrounding this place is spectacular with vibrant blue water pools, lush green tropical forest, huge dark rocks along the way reaching to the waterfalls. Soak in the cool fresh water and listen to the harmony of nature.

2. Xieng Khuan - Buddha Park

Xieng Khuan, or known as the Buddha Park, is an interesting place standing along the side of Mekong River just about 25 kilometers from the center of capital Vientiane. This sculpture park is the first work created by Sulilat that his philosophy reflected in its iconography.

It is the home to more than 200 statues which are both covered by many recondite symbols, the park is definitely an aura of horror fantasy. The highlights of this park are the lying Buddha statue and the skeleton thin Buddha sculpture holding a demon head in his mouth.

3. Kong Lor Cave

Take a tour to visit Laos, not everybody knows about the wonderful place of Kong Lor Cave. This karst limestone cave was created when the Nam Hin Bun River flowing through the mountain nearby leading to the rocks are sculpted. Inside the cave sitting an emerald-tinted glow pool believed being sacred.

Rent a wooden boat to fully explore the cave through thousands of majestic stalactites and towering stalagmites. Then, trek through various narrow ways which demand your skills and familiarity about the structure of the cave, the depth of the river, and the strength of your body.

4. Plain of Jars

One of the most mysterious attractions in Laos that want to introduce is the Plain of Jars. This place looks simply a glass land where locates many quaint rock jars with different sizes from very small to the bigger ones having the diameter of 3.5 meters. Till today, nobody can know exactly the origin of the jars. However, archaeologists believe that they have the age of around 1,500 to 2,000 years.

There are two opinions about this place. One is these jars served as the storage of rice wine for the King of Giants in the old time. But some people believe that the jar belongs to the God of Death who will hide the death inside these jars. A French archaeologist did a research in here and detected some accessories, jewelry, facilities, and also bones of ancient people.

6. Tha Bak Bomb Boats

A bomb is always considered as something dangerous and can cause heavy destruction. But this bomb in Laos will definitely bring an exciting experience. Due to the wartime, there are a lot of bombs in the entire country which is disabled. Therefore, people are so creative that transform these bombs into beautiful boats.

These boats have the stunning look with silver-white color and two perfect spikes. Used to be fuel tanks on B52 bombers of US Army, the bomb is really durable that nearly indestructible. Hop on a narrow bomb boat, row through Namkading River, let the peaceful atmosphere combining with pure scenery lure your mind away.