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Top things to buy in Vietnam Tours

1. Conical Leaf Hat (Non La)
Non La – the cultural symbol of northern Vietnam - is a bamboo cataphylls cone. Non La is a must-having item in every family that serves as not only a cone for hiding from the heavy sunshine and an umbrella avoid being wet by rain, but also a friend of farmers, and workers both men and women. Besides, Non La is also a beautiful accessory for photographs following the old Vietnamese style.

2. Silk

Since a long time ago, silk has definitely served as the most luxurious fabric that only people from high class can buy, especially the Royal family use it to show their power and highest position. Nowadays, it still maintains the upper level in the clothing industry but is more common throughout the country. Silk is woven from the cocoons of the silkworm by the hands of a skillful and careful weaver. Pick up some silk products in the ancient town of Hoi An, there is nothing to regret!

3. Traditional Ao Dai Costume
Ao dai – the national costume of Vietnamese women – can be considered to be one of the most beautiful traditional dress in Asia due to its utility of shaping the curves of the body in a skillful and discreet way. Ao Dai has many colors, but each one is usually sewn with one color only, consists of a long tight-fitted dress cover the long pants inside. Ao Dai can be easily found in various touristy markets and fashion boutiques throughout the country. However, due to the different sizes between foreigners and locals, visitors should choose the shops having the services that can tailor make an Ao Dai fitting with their body type.

4. Vietnamese Coffee
Vietnamese coffee is well-known even in the international market. Tay Nguyen is the place that plants coffee the most, but you can taste a delicious cup of coffee in everywhere throughout the country from street vendors to luxury bars or high-class restaurants. Even in the airport, they also sell a kind of “Vietnamese Coffee”. The coffee beans in Vietnam have the unique flavor that you can't see in anywhere else in the world. Have a seat in a vendor coffeeshop, sample a cup of ice coffee, and witness the heavy traffic jam of Vietnamese streets.

5. Lacquerware
One of the most famous and exciting products provided by traditional trading villages is lacquerware. This type of art is a traditional form of craftsmanship which usually caught on living room tables, chairs, dishes, bowls, vases, and paintings. Lacquerware is a high-class art with an expensive cost which reveals the wealth and power of the family. Visitors can pick up some lacquerware items in many touristy markets throughout the country such as Dong Xuan market in Hanoi and Ben Thanh market in Ho Chi Minh City.

6. Fish Sauce
Fish sauce is an essential ingredient in every Vietnamese dish. Don’t quickly frown with its smell, fish sauce can bring a wonderful flavor to hundreds of dishes from fried fishes, vegetables, soup, to complicated dishes such as spring rolls, Pho, noodle, and so on. Fish sauce is usually mixed with lime, sugar, chopped garlic and chilies to create an unforgettable flavor.