March 27, 2023

AEW News, Updates, Results, and More

Since it’s debut in 2019, All Elite Wrestling has established itself as one of the biggest rivals to WWE. Featuring a diverse mix of new and old talent, the promotion is growing in popularity as they present a more sports-based presentation that appeals to fans from all walks of life.

AEW Roster

The AEW roster is a well-rounded group of professional wrestlers from all over the world and includes many big names in pro wrestling. Among them are CM Punk, Chris Jericho, Jon Moxley, Kenny Omega, Sting, and more.

AEW Fight Forever Video Game

The game, which is being developed by Japanese studio Yuke’s and published by THQ Nordic, will harken back to the old school wrestling games from the PS2 era. Unlike recent games like WWE 2K, which focused more on simulation-style gameplay, AEW Fight Forever will feature a more arcade-style approach to wrestling.

AEW Fight Forever’s Release Date Is in Limbo

Despite the fact that the upcoming All Elite Wrestling game has a release date, it’s reportedly being delayed due to ESRB issues. According to sources close to the situation, a high amount of blood and heightened violence prevented it from achieving the Teen rating that AEW and THQ Nordic had originally sought.

Toni Storm and Mercedes Mone

Toni Storm and Mercedes Mone have been teasing fans with a tag-team match on this Wednesday’s Dynamite show. The pair have been a babyface team in AEW and are now working together to turn Saraya and Storm heel.